Beer Without Borders — LOWBrewCoMN Is Here

Beer without borders – it has a nice ring, doesn’t it? That sort of “good craft for good folk”, Robin Hood feel. We’ve been hyping this idea for some time, and now it is finally a reality: Lake of the Woods Brewing Company has arrived in Warroad, Minnesota.

The original LOWBrewCo and LOWBrewCo Minnesota are twinzies beyond just a shared brand and a shared lake: the brewery opening up in Warroad is also built in a refurbished fire hall! Dating to the 70s, it’s a young cousin to the 110-year-old fire hall in Kenora. By refurbishing an otherwise underutilized building, Lake of the Woods Brewing Company is reinforcing our commitment to sustainable development. The transformation proudly shows off top-of-the-line windows & doors made just down the road at Marvin – another checkmark for shopping locally!

Brittney Peterson, Head of Sales and Events at the new location, describes the space: “No matter where you are in the building you feel connected to the outdoors. The amazing Marvin windows and doors give an up close and personal view of the Warroad River, flowing into Lake of the Woods. The doors to the patio open from wall to wall, giving the perfect mix of inside and outside.”

Before: Construction Shot of LOWBrewCo MN Taproom
After: Completed Taproom

The Warroad brewhouse is a 20 hectolitre operation, with the shiny new equipment brewing up their first few batches as we speak. What type of beer awaits your pint glass? You’ll have to stop in soon to find out! You’ll be happy to know the Warroad location is also brewing with the traditional German Kräusening method that LOWBrewCo proudly uses in Kenora. The building is ready to go, so once the beer is ready, it is time to open the doors to the public!

brewing vats


“We absolutely love the modern feel of our taproom – galvanized steel, subway tiles and shades of black, white and gray that make the LOWBrewCo red really pop. Family Laser, a Warroad company, helped with all the LOWBrewCo wall decor, while local artist Deanna Block painted the murals on the bathroom walls.” — Brittney Peterson

Warroad is a destination worth visiting. With 669,000 acres of Beltrami Island State Forest nearby, this part of Minnesota is a hotspot for canoeing, biking, fishing, hunting, off-roading, snowmobiling, picnicking and hiking. Why not add a brewery to the mix – especially one that is tied to Lake of the Woods’ unique regional identity?

The team discussing plans in the Live Well Room

Fostering a strong connection with the local community is a top priority for LOWBrewCo. Part of the commitment to making friends in Warroad includes creating connections with local food trucks and local restaurants to provide food options for guests at the brewery. The Livewell, a room in the brewery built for private functions, will also have menu options available through a local catering company.

Kegs ready for action in Warroad, Minnesota

Beer will be available to customers on tap by the pint, or for takeaway in crowlers, growlers, and kegs. Soon, establishments throughout Minnesota will be able to purchase LOWBrewCo kegs and share the pleasure of beer made with beautiful Lake of the Woods water!

You can find out more about the Warroad location at our website, and stay up to date by following them on Facebook or Instagram @lowbrewcomn. The soft opening is just around the corner, so stop in and show your support! Grand Opening coming soon…

Maps of Lake of the Woods are available at the LOWBRewCo Retail Store

2 thoughts on “Beer Without Borders — LOWBrewCoMN Is Here

  1. Absolutely can’t wait to get back up in your neck of the “Woods” – had a blast last summer!! We can’t wait to check the New Brewery out-see You soon!! Bob & Rachel


    1. It’s a pretty nice piece of the planet, this lake country area!


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